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Your Source For Northeast Michigan’s Creative Talent

By Gina Penelton

Sin, sex, and lies were rampant in the family and the small town they lived in. Brothers sleeping with sisters, brothers stealing from brothers, and mothers lying to their siblings. A principal abused young girls. A father took his ten-year-old son to X-rated movies, and young children played strip poker. A young boy shot a lumberjack. A revengeful wife put urine in her husband’s coffee. A woman performed abortions on young women around town using a crochet hook. A grandfather, in extreme pain, took his own life. Where does this story begin? It begins with a frightened little girl, alone, afraid, and wondering, “Why am I here? Why was I born?” She sat all alone on a bank next to a big tree in the woods about a half-mile from her house. This was a spot where she felt safe and close to God.


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